Live Life smiling

Two Girl smiling together.

Braces In Chester County, PA

You’ve done your research, and now you’ve made the decision to invest in a new smile with a set of braces! Congratulations! Our team can help you decide which type of braces is right for you.

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Braces For Kids In Chester County, PA

At our offices, you can count on a conservative, valuable approach to early treatment. We believe that being proactive in addressing your child’s orthodontic health is key to ensuring their smile is healthy and confident!

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Braces For Teens In Chester County, PA

At Leiss & Hendrix Orthodontics, we offer a compassionate and conservative view of orthodontic treatment. We place value on proactive care and early treatment when necessary in order to ensure your teen has a healthy smile and a confident start in life!

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Braces For Adults In Chester County, PA

While many people associate braces with teenagers, the truth is that orthodontic treatment can be beneficial at any age. For adults, braces can help to improve both their oral health and overall quality of life.

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Life With Braces

You are on your way to living life smiling! We will walk you through each step of treatment with braces to educate you on how you can care for and participate in achieving the smile you’ve always wanted!

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