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Mouth Guards and Braces

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Mouth Guards and Braces

The importance of protecting your mouth while playing sports, especially contact sports, can not be stressed enough. The best way to prevent injuries to your mouth is by using a proper mouth guard. Mouth guards are used to minimize the risk of broken teeth as well as injuries to your lips, tongue, cheeks or jaw. 

Wearing a mouth guard with braces is especially important due to your soft tissue being more vulnerable to damage. If you were to receive a blow to your mouth, metal braces and brackets will increase the damage to your lips, gums and cheeks. Abrasions on any soft tissue from braces can be extremely painful and can cause permanent scarring. The best way to avoid these injuries is by making sure there is a solid barrier between the braces and your gums, lips and cheeks. 

Choosing a Mouth guard 

  • Choose a mouth guard made specifically for braces. There are many to choose from and they can be purchased from your orthodontist office or from your local sports store.
  • Check the overall rating for the brands you are considering. As with all products these ratings can change.
  • Purchase the correct size. Mouth guards come in different sizes for both children and adults
  • Pay attention to the reviews. While these may not always be accurate, they can be helpful.
  • Ask other players or coaches for recommendations on comfort. It is important that you feel as comfortable as possible.

Having braces is an investment that you want to keep well protected. There may be a need to replace your mouth guard throughout treatment for the best fit and protection. . Leiss & Hendrix Orthodontics is always available to guide you with all your orthodontic needs!