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Yes You Need to Wear Your Retainer!

Posted in Orthodontic After Care
Yes You Need to Wear Your Retainer!

Why the need for a Retainer? Once your braces have been removed you may think that is the end of your orthodontic treatment. While you will no longer require regular orthodontic appointments it is still necessary to take action in preventing your teeth from shifting to an undesirable position. Tooth movement naturally occurs throughout our lifetime and while some movement after treatment is normal, a retainer must be worn to prevent teeth from returning to their previous position. Retainers maintain the healthy, new position of your teeth and allow time for the bone that holds your teeth in place to rebuild and mature. This will ensure you have healthy, straight teeth for a lifetime. Your orthodontist will go over the retainer options with you and help guide you in making the decision that is right for you.

Types of Retainers

Wire Retainer – Removable
The area on the roof of your mouth and behind your teeth is made of a plastic-like material, wires go around the front of your teeth and help hold them in place.

Clear Retainer – Removable
These retainers are also made of a plastic-like material but they are an exact replica of your teeth. This eliminates the need for material to go over the roof of your mouth and the need for wire.

Fixed Retainer – Not Removable
This retainer is a thin, custom-fitted wire that is bonded on the inside of your upper or lower teeth. This type of retainer is often used in conjunction with a removable retainer.

Retainers are for Life
You will need to wear a retainer nightly for life in order to maintain healthy, straight teeth. This may seem daunting at first but, it becomes a natural part of your oral hygiene routine. After your normal routine of brushing and flossing before bed, you will simply insert your retainer. In the morning you will remove your retainer, brush, floss and go about your day showing off your brilliant smile!